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Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for the invaluable support and cooperation which our esteemed customers have extended to us.

Basis on our manufacturing & trading experience of marine spare parts during last several ten years, we are very pleased to inform you that we have established Hyundai Marine Tech in 2010 who is a manufacturer,supplier and trader of various kinds of engine& equipment spare parts.


Now, we are in a strong position of Main Engines & Aux’ Engines spare parts, especially, for B&W and Japan made Engine, Pump, Purifier, Air compressor and Korean made ship equipment which is available by the best qualified replacement, O.E.M. and 2nd reconditioned.


We have provided the above service through the accumulated know-how of our professional staff, marine engineers, and skilled technicians who are committed to the fulfillment of our clients’ needs and requirements having an extensive experience in this area. We take pride in our company’s achievements, as we provide “Total Quality Services” and “Total Quality Management”, to our clients as both ship owners/managements and traders overseas.


We promise that we will contribute to its research and development for providing the most advanced products and services and these will contribute to your competitiveness adapting to the changing enterprise environment of the 21st century.


We sincerely appreciate for your deep concern to our company and product.

Very truly yours,